While designing parents room we as a residential designing company in Delhi NCR feel that there are a lot of things that must be paid attention to. For elderly parents, we must be conscious on how we can arrange the room so that they are able to interact with the space around. There are however some points that are needed to be kept in mind while we are making the room for our parents which are as follows:

1. Choosing tall beds We get rid of the low, platform-style bed and choose a bed with considerable height . The height makes it easier for them to get on and off the bed. Depending on our parent’s height, their bed can be between 25 to 36 inches tall, however we must ensure that the bed height levels at their knees.

2. Slip resistant floors

One of the biggest risks while caring for the elderly is floors. So we replace the smooth tiles for anti-skid flooring. The texture or friction offers grip and ensures that our elderly parents can move without the fear of accidents.

3. Walkways that are safe

We avoid cramping parent’s room with a lot of furniture and instead, invest in minimal pieces to hold their essentials like a bedside table, a chest of drawers and a reading chair – depending on their habits. We make sure furniture doesn’t obstruct their walking path, however, they shouldn’t be placed so far apart that they can’t use the furniture to balance themselves should they need it.

Lots of light

Elderly parent’s eyes are going to fail them so we make the best use of natural lighting by incorporating more windows. We also incorporate bedside lamps with switches that are within their reach, in case they need something in the night.