Bathroom are essential in every house and this is the place we spend quite a lot of time in. If we are decorating a new house then we must make sure that the bathroom is built properly in the first go. Although the bathroom might not be in use for the entire day but it is a fact that the most expensive changes and renovations happen only for the bathroom and not for any other room. At first we as residential interior designers in Delhi NCR make sure that the bathrooms are totally functional and even if we want to upgrade the utilities in the bathroom we must make sure that it adds to our home’s value.

1. When we upgrade a living place and are offered more storage in the bathroom, we must never leave the opportunity to grab it. Bathroom storage is one of the features about which we may not be thinking about initially but this can make huge improvements in our lifestyle. Extra cabinets, built-in shelves and organizers make the difference between a cluttered cave and a serene retreat. We must always opt for upgrades that build out the space that we have and help us keep the bathroom totally organized.

2. We must always emphasize in having eye soothing tiles as it is extremely depressing to live with sorely poor tastes in tiles. Tile are very hard to replace and it requires a major demolition to remove it. We must never settle for below standard tiles if it’s not something that we like, because trying to replace it totally from the scratch is costly and time-consuming as well. Upgraded surfaces enhance the look of our bathroom so it’s something really special. We can always change paint colour and fixtures, but tile and flooring does remain.